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Frequently asked questions

Here we have gathered a number of questions being asked often by our users
01 FAQ What's ZOSMOB?

ZOSMOB is an app builder software launched by ZOSNOW that you can use to build your app online. By creating an account once, you can create and manage as many apps as you want from your own online account.

02 FAQ Is it a One-off payment or a Subscription?

We offer One-off options and monthly subscription. It depends on your need.

03 FAQ I am not a developer nor IT person will I be able to use ZOSMOB?

The majority of our clients are business or simple marketing people with no coding skills at all, so yes you will be able to use the ZOSMOB and manage your app.  No coding skills are required.

04 FAQ I have a promotional or discount code?

This software helps you to create as many mobile apps as you need, manage them whenever you want from your account.

Additionally, if you are approved as ZOSNOW Reseller, your clients will be able to manage their apps on your back-end with their own access

05 FAQ What can I typically do with ZOSMOB software?

For a better answer to this question. We think you should take a look at the list of features by clicking here. However, your creativity would do more than what is listed.

06 FAQ Who is behind ZOSMOB?

ZOSMOB is managed by ZOSNOW, a UK Company established in the year 2010. Actually,  ZOSNOW is a digital consulting agency that deals with the business of web design, web hosting, graphics design, digital marketing, digital printing, mobile and software development.

07 FAQ Do you have any guide book or documentation?

Yes we will provide you access to a complete online documentation on how to use the ZOSMOB platform, the features and how to publish apps quickly on Google Play and Apple Store.

08 FAQ Can I become a Reseller?

Yes we do allow other companies or individuals to resell our service. Hence, you need to register as a reseller by clinking here

09 FAQ As a reseller, will I get ZOSMOB as white label platform?

Yes it is

10 FAQ Will my clients be able to create their own account on my reseller platform?

Yes your clients will be able to create their own accounts. For them to be able to login and manager their apps

11 FAQ Will you publish the app for me on Google Play & Apple Store?

The choice is yours, to publish the apps yourself or hire us. If you publish the apps yourself, we offer articles and videos explaining how to publish an app on the Apple App Store in less than 20 minutes, and less than 10 minutes for Google Play. Additionally, with the APK Generator, you don’t have to compile any Android apps, it is automatically compiled for you.

However, if you prefer us to publish the apps for you, you can order your app publication service from here.


12 FAQ Does ZOSMOB come with an App previewer?

Yes, ZOSMOB is offered with a previewer mobile application “. However, if you need a different previewer app than the one offered, we can arrange for that with a fee.

13 FAQ Do you offer custom development for mobile apps?

Yes, we do. Click here to contact us for a quote

14 FAQ Can the app made with ZOSMOB work offline?

Yes. all Apps made with ZOSMOB can work offline. Actually, the user will be asked at the the first launch of the app if he would want to download the content of the app in order to use it offline

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Why zosmob is there?

Because we found that a Mobile App software was needed for apps creation.